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Merritt MoCo is an automotive dry ice blasting and laser cleaning firm located just outside of Charlotte, NC. We specialize in the preservation of quality collector vehicles through our advanced dry ice blasting and laser cleaning technologies.

Dry Ice Cleaning, commonly known as Cryo Blasting or Co2 Blasting, takes pelletized Co2 and high-pressurized air to safely remove dirty build-up from a surface without causing damage or leaving unsightly visual patterns. By design, dry ice sublimates cleanly into the atmosphere, leaving no secondary waste unlike all other cleaning/blasting methods.

Laser Cleaning is another cutting-edge service we offer. It utilizes precise laser beams to remove rust, paint, and contaminants from surfaces with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring no damage to the underlying material. This non-contact and environmentally friendly method is perfect for maintaining the integrity of delicate and valuable automotive parts.

While dry ice and laser cleaning are emerging markets in the automotive space, it is important to contract with a reputable, reliable resource with hundreds of equipment hours. That’s Merritt MoCo.

We provide you with the type of quality and reliability you and your investment deserve.

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Dry Ice Blasting

North Carolina’s premier Automotive Dry Ice Blasting/Cleaning service provider
Contact us for consultation or additional details.

Automotive Dry Ice Blasting

North Carolina’s premier Automotive Dry Ice Blasting/Cleaning service provider
Contact us for consultation or additional details.

Automotive Laser Cleaning

North Carolina’s premier Automotive Laser Cleaning service provider

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Frequently Asked Question About Automotive Dry Ice Blasting

What is automotive dry ice blasting?
Automotive dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning method that uses dry ice pellets accelerated by compressed air to remove contaminants from automotive surfaces. It is highly effective for cleaning engine components, chassis, and delicate parts without causing damage.
Dry ice blasting works by accelerating dry ice pellets at supersonic speeds using compressed air. Upon impact, the dry ice pellets sublimate (convert directly from solid to gas), creating micro-explosions that lift contaminants such as grease, oil, paint, and dirt off the automotive surface. The process is non-conductive, non-abrasive, and leaves no secondary waste.
  • Non-abrasive: Does not damage sensitive automotive surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly: No chemicals or solvents are used, and dry ice pellets vaporize into CO2 gas.
  • Efficient: Removes stubborn contaminants quickly, reducing downtime for cleaning.
  • Versatile: Cleans various automotive components, including engines, transmissions, brakes, and delicate electronics.
Yes, dry ice blasting is safe for automotive components when performed by trained professionals. It does not damage surfaces or cause warping, making it ideal for cleaning intricate parts like engine blocks, wiring, and sensors without disassembly.

Automotive dry ice blasting is beneficial for:

  • Engine cleaning: Removes carbon deposits and oil residue.
  • Paint removal: Prepares surfaces for repainting without damaging underlying materials.
  • Detailing: Cleans interiors, upholstery, and removes odors effectively.
While highly effective, dry ice blasting may not remove certain types of hardened or baked-on substances completely. It is advisable to consult with professionals to determine the suitability of dry ice blasting for specific automotive cleaning needs.
The time required for dry ice blasting a car depends on its size, the extent of cleaning needed, and the type of contaminants present. Generally, a typical session can range from a few hours to a full day, including setup and cleanup.
Yes, dry ice blasting can be cost-effective due to its efficiency in cleaning and its ability to reduce labor-intensive processes such as disassembly and reassembly of components. It also helps prolong the lifespan of automotive parts by maintaining cleanliness and functionality.
The frequency of dry ice blasting for cars depends on usage, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices. For routine maintenance, periodic dry ice blasting can help keep automotive components clean and operating efficiently.

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