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Automotive Laser Cleaning

Laser Rust Removal

Dry Ice Cleaning is great for many things, but when it comes to deep surface penetration such is required for rust removal, by design, dry ice blasting will not produce the desired results. This is where Merritt MoCo has invested in Pulse Laser Cleaning technology to provide our customer base with complete rust removal if/when required. Unlike media blasting, our laser cleaning technology will not leave behind any secondary waste, if safe on surrounding surfaces and will completely remove rust providing a bare metal surface that is ready for a protective top coating.

Will laser cleaning remove rust?

Yes, pulse laser cleaning can effectively remove rust from metal surfaces. Laser Cleaning at Merritt MoCo uses short, high-energy laser pulses to ablate rust and other contaminants without damaging the underlying material. Our process is precise and can be controlled to target only the unwanted rust, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional rust removal techniques.

How It Works:
  1. Laser Beam Application: A pulsed laser beam is directed at the rusted surface.
  2. Energy Absorption: The rust absorbs the laser energy more readily than the underlying metal.
  3. Rust Ablation: The absorbed energy heats the rust, causing it to vaporize or disintegrate.
  4. Removal: The disintegrated rust particles are then removed, often with a vacuum system to ensure a clean surface.
Advantages of Pulse Laser Cleaning for Rust Removal:

What can be cleaned with our Laser Technology?

These are just a few examples, and the applications of automotive laser cleaning continue to expand as the technology evolves and becomes more widely adopted across industries. Reach out to Merritt Automotive today to discuss automotive laser cleaning for your vehicles.

Merritt Automotive Laser Cleaning is a non-invasive, eco-friendly cleaning method designed with industry-leading technology. When you need a fast and effective cleaning solution for your automotive needs, call Merritt Automotive.

Laser Paint Removal at Merritt MoCo

Yes, laser cleaning can effectively remove paint from various surfaces. The process involves using our pulse laser technology to ablate the paint layer by layer, without damaging the underlying material. This method is precise, non-abrasive, and environmentally friendly, making it a popular choice for paint removal in many industries.
How Laser Paint Removal Works:
  1. Laser Beam Application: A focused laser beam is directed at the painted surface.
  2. Energy Absorption: The paint absorbs the laser energy, heating up rapidly.
  3. Ablation: The intense heat causes the paint to vaporize or disintegrate, separating it from the substrate.
  4. Removal: The vaporized paint is then removed, often with a vacuum system to ensure a clean surface.
Advantages of Laser Paint Removal:

In summary, laser cleaning is an effective, precise, and environmentally friendly method for removing paint from various surfaces. It offers significant advantages over traditional paint removal techniques, particularly in applications where preserving the integrity of the underlying material is crucial.



For removing paint from car parts during restoration or repair.


To strip paint from aircraft components without compromising structural integrity.


For removing paint from ship hulls and other marine structures.


To clean and maintain machinery, tools, and equipment by removing old paint layers.

Cultural Heritage

To restore historical artifacts and structures by carefully removing paint without damaging the original material.

Merritt MoCo Laser Parts Cleaning

Engine/transmission casing casings
Dry Ice blasting quickly and efficiently removes containments from dirty automotive parts such as engine blocks made from steel, aluminum or magnesium. As successful as Merritt MoCo has been in cleaning these components for clients around the world, often times we wished for a better visual presentation. It’s one thing to clean a surface, it’s another effort to clean that surface while improving any potential imperfections or staining in the casing surface, enter laser cleaning at Merritt MoCo. Our Pulse laser cleaning technology allows us nearly single pass cleaning efficiency that will make your automotive components look brand new without causing damage to the surface like other blasting options. As we are only using light pulses to clean, you won’t have to worry about lingering media entering critical areas of your engine, transmission or braking components.

Did you know?

You don’t have to be local to take advantage of the leading-edge cleaning solutions at Merritt MoCo. Many established business and independent clients freight ship their equipment to our facility to be promptly and effectively cleaned and then shipped back without delay.

Have a large-scale project or can’t make it to our shop? Laser Cleaning at Merritt MoCo is mobile!

Contact us for on-site laser cleaning services.