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Merritt MoCo is an automotive dry ice cleaning firm located just outside of Charlotte, NC. We specialize in the preservation of quality collector vehicles by way of our dry ice blasting technology.

Dry Ice Cleaning, commonly known as Cryo Blasting or Co2 Blasting, takes pelletized Co2 and high pressurized air to safely remove dirty build-up from a surface without causing damage or leaving unsightly visual patterns. By design, dry ice sublimates cleanly into the atmosphere leaving no secondary waste unlike all other cleaning/blasting methods. 

While dry ice cleaning is an emerging market in the automotive space, it is important you contract with a reputable, reliable resource with hundreds of equipment hours, that’s Merritt MoCo.

We provide you with the type of quality and reliability you and your investment deserve.

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Dry Ice Blasting

North Carolina’s premier Automotive Dry Ice Blasting/Cleaning service provider  

  • Chassis Restoration
  • Engine Bay Cleaning
  • Surface Prep for paint
  • Cosmetic retouching
  • Undercoating

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Merritt MoCo Porsche Dry Ice

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