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Automotive Dry Ice Cleaning & Restoration

Discover if Automotive Dry Ice Blasting is Right for You:

What is Dry ice blasting?

Automotive Dry ice blasting is the eco friendly, and totally safe, alternative to old methods of cleaning such as sand blasting. Our state of the art equipment uses C02 dry ice pellets to clean years of dirt and undercoating off your prized collector car or daily driver. 

Our cleaning method is non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-toxic, non-flammable and safe on all surfaces!

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Chassis Restoration

If you’ve ever tried to clean the undercarriage of your vehicle you know how daunting the task can be and usually the results are far from perfect, until now. Our chassis restoration process will clean every inch of your vehicle giving you that freshly restored look in a matter of hours. 

Entire Chassis dry ice cleaning starting at $2,000. 

Engine Bay Restoration

Our system allows us to completely clean the engine bay of your vehicle to a showroom like condition without having to remove a single bolt or hose.

It’s the perfect final touch before listing your vehicle for sale. Having a clean presentation will help you sell quickly and most importantly, net you thousands of additional dollars.

Our dry ice cleaning provides us the ability to remove even the toughest dirt making your engine and transmission look new again without days of painstaking labor.

Engine and Transmission dry ice cleaning starting at $700.

Our services

We are Charlotte, North Carolina’s premier automotive dry ice cleaning experts. We focus on preservation over restoration and specialize on high end imports and collectible classic cars. 

Contact us today for your cleaning needs:

  • Inner wheel openings
  • Suspension/steering
  • Electrical components
  • Interior cleaning
  • Rubber restoration
  • Molded plastic
  • New Undercoating applications


If it’s on your car, we can clean it safely with expert/ like-new results!

We specialize in high-end collectibles:

  • Dry Ice Porsche 
  • Dry Ice Ferrari 
  • Dry Ice Audi
  • Dry Ice McLaren
  • Select American makes/models 

Dry Ice + Undercoating

Have a vehicle with a rusty chassis or want to protect your new vehicle purchase before rust scale builds? Merritt MoCo combines the use of dry ice blasting plus our undercoating solution that will neutralize the surface and prevent rust progression.

This is a proven technology and process that is fast, effective and provides an attractive finished result. 

We offer undercoating services on all makes, models as well as large scale commercial vehicles and industrial equipment.

Dry Ice Blasting

We provide full service automotive Dry Ice Blasting to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. We proudly and exclusively use Cold Jet dry ice products and solutions to ensure our clients receive the highest quality when having their investment treated.

Our state of the art dry ice equipment is specifically designed to allow us the ability to clean the surface of your collectible without the use of water, chemicals, disassembly or damage to the surface.

Centrally located in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Charlotte Automotive Dry Ice services

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Dealership Dry Ice Cleaning Services

Are you a dealership looking for a better way to clean or detail your inventory? We provide a volume based dry ice cleaning service for dealerships that saves you time, money and provides a better presentation than your current methods. 

Our automotive dry ice cleaning equipment is fully mobile and can detail up to 20 vehicles per day. Our system requires no water, does not use chemicals and is ready to photograph within seconds of cleaning. Save time, money and conserve resources by switching to Merritt Motor Co dry ice cleaning. 

We offer a fixed cost service level agreement for dealerships that allows you to budget your expenses and schedule when you want dry ice cleaning services rendered.